Why Kanhaiya Kumar’s Win will be a Political game-changer?

The Leader of Dissent : Kanhaiya Kumar

The 2019 elections are going to be one of the historic elections in the Indian history.  A set of landmark events are going to make this elections significant. One such Landmark is Kanhaiya Kumar contesting Lok Sabha poll from Begusarai.

We all are aware of how the country had criticised JNU students and labelled them as anti-national. Kanhaiya Kumar was the President of JNUSU at that time. A Case was registered against him from sedition and criminal conspiracy. He was physically assaulted twice within the boundaries of Indian Judiciary. Parallel to this he received death threats at the blink on an eye. But the ones who were trying to picture him as a terrorist without arms only snowballed his popularity nation-wide.

A definite Orator?

His Oratory skills and charisma has shook the nation. By Answering every criticism and vague accusations with logic on TV debates Kanhaiya Kumar became a national figure and rose from dissent. He is an example that every attempt to silence a voice will makes it louder.

But Kanhaiya kumar is more than just a potential lok sabha member. He represents the Left Leaning youth of the country. We are aware of how the Indian politics lacked the participation of youth. Kanhaiya entering politics not only signifies the active involvement of intellectual youth in the country politics but also it gives a green flag to the people that come from a marginalized background with no political connections.

Crowd Funded Leader

Kanhaiya Kumar’s election campaign is one of the most amazing things as he uses a modern tech-savvy approach to fund his campaign. In his crowd funding campaign he received more than RS 32 Lakhs in 24 hours and the website which was not prepared for such a big response had to be taken down temporarily. This shows that there are people in the society who agree and support the ideology he stands for.

Kanhaiya Kumar is contesting elections for the Begusarai seat from CPI-M. While the presence of CPI was not acknowledged, Kanhaiya can be one hope for the revival of the party and thus their Ideology in Indian politics. The CPI-M now finally has a face that represents the youth and is recognized nation-wide and takes down the opposition with his Logical will and great Oratory skills.

While there was speculation about the Kanhaiya Kumar fighting elections from RJD which did not happen, the CPI-M has not joined hands with any other political party. The Elections in Begusarai will be a three way contest with Kanhaiya, Tanveer Hasan from RJD and Giriraj Singh from BJP.

A Caste Angle?

The Chances of the young CPI candidate of winning the elections are quite high as Begusarai has always been a strong hold of the left. Begusari has always seen a Bhumiyar Brahmin win the seat except in the 2009 election. Kanhaiya also belongs to the upper caste of Bhumiyar though he does not identify himself on the basis of it but the cast factor can play along a huge role.

While Writer Nayantara Sehgal said that the Prime minister Narendra Modi has met his match in Kanhaiya, he surely carries the energy and the charisma of rebel to become one of the leading political figures in Future. In 2019 Most of the youth does not only see him as a young leader but as a rebel who fought against the system that was trying to label him as an anti-national. He is the result of an attempt to curb or suppress the dissent.

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