What happened of Freedom 251?

Freedom 251 which came in as a sensational product to revolutionize the Indian market by providing a smartphone for just ₹251/- is now not into existence anymore. Lets us check what has happened.

Initially, Freedom 251 smartphone was launched under the banner of Ringing Bells in 2016, whose headquarter was traced to a garment shop in Gandhi Nagar,textile hub in east Delhi. 

CEO Mohit Goel did an amazing job to gain public and media attention with his gimmick phone to collect almost 75 million advance orders for the cheapest phone in India.

freedom 251

Not more than 5000 were actually delivered and the rest of the people got their money back after 6 months. 

Now, I don’t know if he really wanted to deliver those phones or not but one thing is pretty clear he made good money out of it. He asked for millions of people to deposit a very small amount in his account eventually making it a huge sum. Getting a hefty interest from this principal amount was easy money for him. 

Firstly there was no manufacturing unit or any dedicated plant to assemble the phone. They delayed the delivery from February to June and then to July and kept on reducing the number of units to be delivered for phase 1.

Secondly, the GM of the company Anmol Goel told Indian Express “We may deliver more units if we get help or we may not deliver at all in the upcoming months. We are only focusing on giving away the devices now.”

Later Mohit Goel said that they wanted a ₹50,000 crore help from the Prime Minister Office to start delivering the smartphone.  

My question is if they needed such huge funding for their product then why did they even launched it in a glitzy event and also accepted pre-orders and made false claims about the phone itself. 

It was revealed that the phone which was used in the launch event was a Chinese brand smartphone whose branding was erased with the help of a whitener. 

The CEO Mohit Goel has been arrested in 2018 trying to extort money for settling a rape case in Delhi. 

It is a good lesson to be learnt from the story that people should be sceptical about the things which seem too good to be true to believe. 

For Indian Consumers who just take their decision based on the price, please take a moment and think before shopping anything online and check the facts and manufacturer and if possible get reviews from buyers before spending your money. 

All I want to say is Keep a Premier Outlook.

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