Simple ways to be sustainable?

What is sustainability?
Sustainability means meeting our own needs without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs

If we keep doing what we are doing now then we might not see the world as we knew it was.

Simple steps to save Mother Earth :

1. Small things matter :
Even our smallest steps matter. Not asking for straws while eating out. Taking tiffins from home. Using RO waste water for watering plants or washing clothes.

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2. Remember 3 R’s
Reduce | Reuse| Recycle
a. Reduce : It refers to reducing our product consumption and in extension reducing our carbon footprint. It could start from travelling less in SUVs to using less paper in office.
b. Reuse : It simply means reusing all the consumables in your home/office. We can start with using both side of papers to write, Using same plates for desert or using old cardboard boxes as containers.
c. Recycle : Recycling is very easy and revenue generating. You can give your old newspapers, books, plastics, Metals to re-cyclers (Or kabaadi as we call them in India) and earn up to 25 rupees per kg.

reuse reduce recycle
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3.Commuting/ Transport :
Using public transport is logical in the current scenario where traveling by your own vehicle is tiring with constant braking due to traffic. You can invest that time in reading or playing games.
Public transport is cheaper for us and better for the environment.


4. Buying from Responsible Org:
Organisations like Ved**ta have been known to use unfair/unsustainable business practices in India and elsewhere. We can switch to organisations which are cognizant to the environment. Buying from Patagonia could be a good switch.

5. Segregation :
Having two dustbins in our homes could be best decision ever. Green for Biodegradable and Blue for Non-biodegradable. Most of the state municipal corporations have started this practice. Vegetable and fruit (kitchen) waste could be used as a manure for our gardens.

Source : Google

6. Cooking our own food :
This might sound weird but eating in is environment friendly practice. Especially compared to take-outs. Be it coffee/donuts or lunch. It reduces the container waste and is even healthy for our bodies.


7. Avoid long showers :
Using a bucket in place of a long shower will save 80% of water. Having a hot bath in a tub once in a while is OK. Also consider turning the tap off while brushing/Shaving

say no to straws
Source : Google

I hope we will inculcate these small changes in our habits and save the environment one day at a time.

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