Safar aur Nagme : Spending whole of summer in Nainital

चिरागों को आंखों में महफूज़ रखना

बड़ी दूर तक रात ही रात होगी

अज़ल-ता-अब्द तक सफ़र ही सफ़र है

कहीं सुबह होगी, कहीं रात होगी

मुसाफ़िर हो तुम भी, मुसाफ़िर हैं हम भी

किसी मोड़ पर फिर मुलाक़ात होगी..

  • Bashir Badr

Pictorial Summary of summers in Nainital.

In the last 60 days, I had an opportunity to host people from across the country at this beautiful boutique hotel -Manu Maharani Lodge, Thandi Road, Nainital. I was transposed to this place on 20th April 2019 and since then it has been a great journey hosting people, getting involved with the locals, exploring places, trying Kumaoni cuisines and what not. In no time, I started feeling and living like a local on the streets of Nainital.

Selfie taken at Thandi Road, Nainital

When I used to travel with my family and friends during summer breaks, my soul always urged for a host and friend who would make me fall in love with the place and its arena. I tried to be just that host and friend for all the people who came here and I think I did make their experiences memorable.

Happy faces of guests after musical evening at the lake side restaurant.

Ms. Nikita, from Mumbai, who was with her family, says- “I definitely reckon/fancy/adore this property. Thank you, Mr. Arpan and his team for giving us such a wonderful experience. We also had the opportunity to have Pahadi food (local food) just on one request. Thank you once again.”

Local Kumaoni food served to Ms Nikita and family.

Mr. Anoop Jain from Green Park, Delhi says- “What an amazing experience at this hotel! Evenings with the people here were amazing. They served special home cooked food. Also got plants as gifts from the hotel. Overall it was a homely experience.”

Gifts given to kids.

The whole idea while staying here was to give the guests a personalized experience which would compliment their thoughts and travel needs.

Blissful evenings at Manu Maharani Lodge, Nainital.

Apart from work, I also tried going deeper into how the people of this city are, what actually is the culture and why it is so popular among everyone.

I realize how life in this hill station runs slow and yet is so fast, how people still manage to take time out and sit, eat and discuss tiny grievances about life and emotions at nearby kiosks!  This city has shown me how being intelligent, subtle and yet so grounded feels.

People here are naturally so aware and well read that they don’t have to deliberately wear long kurtas, red bindis or grow beards to look or feel intellectual.

Mr Arun Kumar Shah, a retired Army Personnel. After serving the nation for more than 3 decades, he now lives life to the fullest.

‘During my stay in Nainital, I came across a unique and dynamic personality, Mr. Arun Kumar Shah, a retired Army Personnel and a native of this place. After serving the Nation for more than 3 decades, Mr. Arun now lives his life to the fullest. He is one of the most socially active people I have ever come across on various platforms. He loves writing about his experiences on his social media handles and is followed by thousands of people. Mr Arun is a level 10 Google Local Guide and wants to visit California to attend the annual meet of the Google guides. But for that Mr Arun has to improve his rating as local guide, thus his motivation comes from here, which makes him roam around places and write about it.’

The best part about this city is that people here don’t yearn to move to the plains, for they know that knowledge and wisdom doesn’t come through technology or facilities but through connecting with nature and history, being around good people and by just enjoying your space and living in it.

Calm and peaceful

Suraj – a 3rd year student of Dan Singh Bisht College, an ace guitarist, loves rock n roll and plays music each evening at Manu Maharani Lodge. Such an enthralling personality full of charm and passion

Three cheers for all the people who come here! Best wishes to them for their future travel plans.

Let’s collectively move towards a sustainable and different style of tourism.

Sharing few images clicked by me during my stay in Nainital.

  1. Thandi Sadak, Nainital

You will find people from all age group walking on Thandi Road Nainital. This road is opposite to the Mall road and is complete contrast to it. No vehicle, no shops, just trees, a few temples and people walking on The Thandi Sadak.

  • Sunset captured while walking on the Mall Road.

One fine day I decided to on a photo walk to Mall Road and trust me streets of Nainital are bliss for photographers.

  • Skipper of Naini Lake

A skipper after a long day at work, going back to the station.

  • Cycling at Thandi Road, Nainital.
  1. Honeymoon couple making memories for lifetime at Naini Lake.

Honeymoon couple making memories for lifetime at Naini Lake. Every year thousands of couples from across the country visit Nainital. Apart from being a summer destination, Nainital also happens to be a destination for love birds.

  • Different shades of rays in Nainital.
  • A local school in Nainital.

8. Boat in Making

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