Role of marketing in the Tourism industry

Will digital marketing help revive the tourism industry? Will Hotels, restaurants flourish after the pandemic? We are going to talk about how marketing helps in running the Tourism industry.

Did you know about the Calcutta- London-Calcutta bus service ?

The bus traveled between the two most important cities in the British empire. According to travel industry veterans in India, there were lots of Bus services to India from London in the 60s and 70s.

The Train Route 
was through the EU via Germany
and Austria or Paris and Venice then
Belgrade, Istanbul, Samsun,
Trabzon, Tabriz, Tehran, Mashhad,
Herat, Kabul, Peshawar, Lahore,
Amritsar, Delhi, and finally Calcutta.

Now the above-written fact is used as a marketing strategy by the tourism industry pioneers. For making people aware of the existence of such routes via #hashtags, posts on Social media platforms. Which today plays a pivotal role in gaining interest and reach of the people towards their portal and successfully applying the marketing strategy for the benefit of their own kind. 

Role of marketing

 Due to the lack of marketing, the role of this industry in the developing countries is paler than before. So in order to gain progress in the tourism industry, giving attention to retrieval looks so essential and of course it is important to note that tourism development and marketing in the process are closely tied together and can affect different aspects of each other. This indicates that despite many possibilities and potentials existing in our country, due to the lack of attention to tourism marketing, the tourism industry doesn’t have considerable progress.

 Today, tourism development in all areas, both at international and national levels, has aroused public policy makers’ and private sectors’ decision-makers’ attention. With regard to this fact, many countries are seeking a way to improve their economic conditions. Many countries see tourism as a major source of income; employment; private sector growth and development of economies under structures. The awareness of this issue that the tourism industry provides considerable foreign exchange earnings to the economy of any country caused tourism to have wide dimensions in various economic, social and cultural aspects and become an industrial income generator for the economy of every country round the globe.  

The direct effect 

Since tourism is one of the services
industries, hence, the income from
this industry is considered a part of
the host country’s GDP and directly
affects the country’s economic growth.

On the other hand, tourism marketing is a management process which includes forecasting, meeting current and future needs of the tourists.One of the most important applications of information technology, communications and internet is in tourism industry and due to the importance of the role which foreign tourism can play in various dimensions such as the foreign exchange earnings and GDP growth, the source of income for government, the source of job creation and improved social services, so to enter the competitive world market, they have to be equipped with facilities and utilize new technologies. Electronic devices and the Internet in the distribution chain of tourism including: airlines, hospitality, tour operators, travel agencies and travel purposes have created a dramatic change. According to what was mentioned, the entrance of e-commerce is an undeniable necessity and countries are forced to use this technology in the tourism industry. 

The benefits of marketing through Internet

 First, it is less troublesome. When you talk with people face to face, to get approved, it takes a long time to prepare yourself and your professional services. But behind the computer all your talks are converted to a short article. It is far easier than writing a paper and you get a chance to correct it many times. Second, for the customer founder who is not too bold, there is no threatening risk. It is not required to take your hotel rooms’ decorations with yourselves to the exhibition. You can exchange ideas and information; you can find reliable and professional friends and experts to assist you in the adventures on the line. People on the lines are very friendly. 


Tourism Industry is so vast that its role can’t just be defined by a few books/encyclopedias. And in this industry there’s no fixed target audience and interests. So the challenges are involved in each and every step. But yes prioritising few elements of choice, also by holding up a niche in Tourism as well as strategies in marketing will surely be giving the benefit of advancement from the competitors and also achieving the defined target FY. 

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10 months ago

Interesting stuff & informative too..

Sanskriti Arya
10 months ago


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