NAUVARI Sarees : A Maharastrian Delight to wear

The traditional wear of Maharashtra ‘Nauvari’ sari mostly worn by Maharastrian elderly women, retains its charm in the 21st century too by youngsters, as its name derives a nine-yard long sari.

So to retain its traditional values  one of my friend designer Bhavana Saravade has given a thought to it in making it prêt–o-porter (ready to wear sari). As it takes time to drape it with good perfection. 

NAUVARI Sarees : A Maharastrian Delight to wear

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Also, this sari is known as kaastha sari which is styled by tucking at the back.

The blouse is also embellished with the coin-shaped ornament to give it a traditional look, with very fine zardozi  work.

The already stitched draped sari makes it more easy to wear and easy to handle .

With the typical tying  node robes at the back of the blouse giving it a way traditional look with the puff sleeve blouse .

NAUVARI Sarees : A Maharastrian Delight to wear

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NAUVARI Sarees : A Maharastrian Delight to wear

Accessorizing clothing does more wonders for garment enhancement. As I have paired it with traditional and classic white bead hand made earring and the necklace. And the typical nose pin from Maharashtra usually worn by the women called “Nathnii”.   

NAUVARI Sarees : A Maharastrian Delight to wear

Also, this sari has a very uncommon thing of not wearing a petticoat  (the thin lining worn inside of sari to hold the sari ) which makes it easier to the wearer. This sari is designed in such a way, called ‘prêt–a-porter’. With a very rich red and royal blue color.   

NAUVARI Sarees : A Maharastrian Delight to wear

Also this sari can be worn for lavani or many purposes like in wedding occasions and celebrations. This sari makes it easy to wear with no tangles and less time. Enriching its cultural costume value. FALLING IN CATEGORY OF HAUTE COUTURE . 

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thanks for this amazing i really loved it.

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