Methods to effectively lose weight without exercising.

In this fast and dynamic world we need to adjust our activities according to the need of the environment around us. With constantly learning new things and working hard to sustain a living, we forget about our own bodies.

From unhealthy central obesity due to less physical workout to improper bowel movements due to unhealthy eating. We all are suffering on one way or the other.

Sedentary lifestyle has affected in ways which do not become visible until a later stage.

After Listening to and understanding this lifestyle we have come up with ways to improve our health and effectively lose weight without or a little exercise schedule.

1. Drink lukewarm after waking up :

Lukewarm water alone or with lemon, honey is know to help clear the bowels. It is also useful for people who want to lose weight.
One could also drink water with ‘ajwain’.

2. Increasing our Metabolic rate :

In simple terms, It is the rate at which food and oxygen is turned into energy. A faster metabolic rate means effective food digestion and low fat in the body. There are many proven ways to do it. Drinking cold water during the day, strengthening your core through planks among others. We’ll be covering more on this issue in our next article, follow us to get a notification.

3. Checking portion size :

Most of us don’t eat unhealthy foods but eat healthier foods in larger quantities. The idea is to control portion sizes and in turn number of calories to keep a check on intake. This has been known to change our body in many ways and lose weight.

4. Number of meals :

Divide the food that you eat the whole day into more number of meals. Breakfast at 8, Snacks at 10.30, Lunch at 1, Snacks at 4, and dinner at 7.
Increasing number of meals help in decreasing our hunger and we feel full. It helps to avoid junk food.

5. Check sugar intake :

Sugar is the largest contributor to our body’s energy and in turn the largest in body fat. Controlling sugar content in your diet will work wonders. Or You can substitute it with jaggery or honey. Refined Sugars are empty calories which do not provide our bodies with any nutrients.

6. Intermittent Fasting :

The most effective way to lose weight. Used by athletes and Yogis since time immemorial. Intermittent Fasting is containing your meal to certain time periods. I personally fast for 2 days in a week and have lost 2 kgs in 25 days. Connect with me for more on this here.

We have always heard ‘we are what we eat’. Practising this principle has helped many people to lose weight within their time constraints.

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