Losing weight in the healthy way

With the coming  of sedentary lifestyles, we  switch to unhealthy lifestyles leading to unhealthy weight gain. This happens especially to office goers. Untimely food, excessive stress, travel, lack of sleep is a part of life. In 21st century, 5% of Indian population is suffering  from morbid obesity,which is increasing at the alarming rate. And majority of the urban population is overweight. What to know where you stand?

Calculate your BMI by taking your weight in Kgs and height in Meters then weight divided by height squared (weight (kg) / [height (m)]2). Or dividing the weight in kilograms by the height in centimeters squared, and then multiplying the result by 10,000, can be used ([weight (kg) / height (cm) / height (cm)] x 10,000).

BMI Chart
See this chart to see in which category you fall in.

The reason , According to Indian Council of Medical Research is that 54 % of Indian population  is physically inactive.

Here are the ways to lose weight in healthy way by making few changes in day to day life –

1. Adopting some form of physical exercise

It could range from – cardio to yoga. Which helps in maintaining physical fitness and regular well being. Can join green marathon and other activities .This helps in losing weight in healthy way and maintaining it. Otherwise, Office-goers are known to walk in their smoke breaks to shed calories as they come. You can alternatively walk to your offices and back. Cycling is known to be the best commute alternative.

2.  Switching to a balanced diet

Consuming basic locally produced food. Avoiding packaged food. Which don’t require fancy preparation and easy to make.  Avoid consuming high carbs food which lack any nutrition like Alcohol. A beer once in a while is OK. Try to take tiffins from home. A heavy breakfast in the morning is effective.

3. Say No to junk food

Reduce salt, sugar and oil intake in diet. Consume dietary fiber, fruits,vegetables etc. Avoid outside food. If you feel hungry try these biscuits for a change :

Britannia Nutri Choice Biscuits – Digestive High Fibre, 1kg Pack

4. Changing aerated drinks to healthy  drinks

Consuming lukewarm water on a empty stomach (every morning) helps in removing all the toxins from body. Ginger lemon tea, Alma tea, mint tea,  are best healthy options to lose weight in healthy way.

5. Eat slowly  and practice mindful eating

Chewing food slowly makes you  less obese as compare to those who eat fast. You feel more satisfied and helps in losing weight. Avoid watching TV or using mobile. This helps to enjoy food more.
Mindful eating – paying attention to your thoughts, body singles and sensations. Rather than putting everything  in mouth. It’s important to coordinate with your brain and understand when you are full.

Hope it helps.
Find more ways here : http://www.premieroutlook.co.in/shed-that-winter-fat/

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