Is PM Narendra Modi’s degree fake?

First of all, I want to say that having a degree doesn’t mean that a person is a good administrator. Degrees cannot guarantee values of any person. Having a degree can be a advantage but lying about it on your election affidavit to the election commission is definitely an offence. In this article we will examine from a neutral standpoint whether PM Narendra Modi’s degree is real or fake.

After several accusations about Narendra Modi’s education by the opposition parties, the BJP held a press conference in the capital in May 2016. Former BJP President Amit Shah and Finance Minister Arun Jaitley released PM Narendra Modi’s degrees. A Bachelor of Arts from University of Delhi and a Master of Arts in Entire Political Science from Gujarat University. But it only added fuel to fire when the opposition questioned why the real qualification records were sealed in DU, and photocopies were shown in press conference.

Modi degree
Modi Degrees

AAP leader Ashutosh said that the Prime Minister’s B.A. mark-sheet was for the year 1977 while the graduating year shown on the degree certificate displayed 1978. He also pointed out that the mark sheets had different names. “Moreover, the name on mark sheet is Narendra Kumar Damodar Das Modi, where as on the degree it is Narendra Damodar Das Modi. Obviously, the degree is fake,” Ashutosh explained.

A clarification by University of Delhi’s registrar Tarun Das amid the controversy cleared many doubts when the University claimed that the B.A. degree being circulated by the party is authentic. When asked about the discrepancies, he replied,” the discrepancies exist in the university records as well. His enrolment number was CC 594/74 and his examination roll number was 16594,” Mr. Das said.

In his election affidavits, PM Modi had mentioned that he completed his undergraduate degree through a distance learning programme from Delhi University in 1978, and, later, his MA from Gujarat University in 1983. Gujarat university has issued statements supporting that claim. However Ahmedabad-based RTI activist Roshan Shah, who was one of the first to file an RTI seeking details of PM Modi’s degree in 2013, claimed that the mark sheet shared by the varsity is “totally fabricated.”

PM Narendra Modi has to some extent contributed to the row through his early interviews and speeches. While delivering some speeches he claimed to have not attended college and still went on to do good in lif. In others he claims to have left home for the Himalayas and did not pursue education after school.

In an interview with Rajeev Shukla in 2001, then CM Modi had said that he left his home at the age of 17 after completing his 10th class. Fact checking portal Alt News did a fact check about this in March 2018 and found the claim that PM Modi didn’t study after 10th, to be false. Alt News said that, “Despite the lack of transparency surrounding the PM’s educational qualification, statements made in the video in question were placed out of context.” If you will watch the full interview, he went on to say that he passed his graduation and post graduation as an external student in the 1970’s. He even claimed he topped his classes in the exam.

The allegations about Modi’s qualifications are not however completely baseless. He had left the marital status column on his election affidavit blank, and only entered the name of his estranged wife, Jashodaben, after the Supreme Court ordered him to fill out the affidavit in full. For a long time, in his speeches and interviews, he stated that he had no family. The controversy over the education of Prime Minister Modi has lasted for more than seven years. We hope the court will end this soon.

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