How to Run better : Basics of Running

‘For the joy of running’

Running is one of the exercises which doesn’t require heavy investments or inputs. It is one of the few which is natural and helps both our mind & body. Running has been part of the daily schedule of Homo genus since the inception of time. From chasing deer to eat to chasing batons we have come a long way. Humans nowadays don’t have to venture long ways in order to find food, they have it in neighboring supermarkets. The agricultural revolution, industrialization and advent of machines has made us lethargic and sedentary. How can we escape this? Running is the answer.

The most amazing thing about running is that it can be done anywhere, anytime with minimum resources. You don’t have to have expensive equipment or cool gadgets to do it. Whether you are on a tour or a holiday or a late-night schedule. The world is your running track which is open 24X7. But everything beautiful does come with it’s own cons. Running has it’s fair share of them.

From shin pains to knee pains. Running can be harmful for your joints if not done properly. Running is known to be particularly harmful for leg bones if the stance is not right. Let’s see some effective ways to better your Running by learning a few basics.

Basics of Running :

1. Slow and steady wins the race : I learned my Running basics in my primary school when our coach used to condition us for Basketball championships. From him to Nike Run coaches, all say the same thing – ‘Start slow’. Starting slow helps us in getting the rhythm and you can increase your pace.

2. Proper clothing : Runners face many issues if they don’t consider the right equipment. One should always wear Dri-fit clothing for reduced chaffing and sweat wicking abilities. Dri-fit feel lighter and dry better.

3. Right Shoes : Running in the right shoes is the most important factor for runners to understand. Never use the same shoes for two activities. I have talked with over 100 basic runners and 80% of them use their daily wear shoes in Running, which is a wrong practice. A shoe adjusts to the activity we are performing in it. Also, considering the fact that most of us run on concrete or on road. Choose a shoe according to your running pace, distance, terrain, body type.

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4. Terrain : In the 21st century, it is very hard to find places without concrete surfaces or roads. There is rarely any ground left except in a few government parks. A runner should avoid roads as much as possible and run on tracks, ground. Road running impacts our shin and knee bones. A mix of all terrains can be the best alternative.

5. Recovery : How many days a week should you run? This is a question that only we can answer to ourselves. How does your body react to 6 days of running in a week? Are you not losing any weight even after 100 kms a week? The problem almost always lies in recovery. Recovery (or rest in simple words) is as essential as the workout. Challenge yourself everyday but do understand your body. Considering a average human being I can say that 5 days of running in a week is more than enough. This way you can avoid injuries and realise your full potential.

6. Diet : A healthy body is 70% diet and 30% workout. Avoid late night cravings, junk food. Check your portion sizes. 3 meals a day is the best Food plan there is with 2 snack schedules in between. avoid refined sugar and try honey or jaggery as a alternative. Drink milk with soaked almonds. A runner requires a certain carbs and protein diet. Understand your body

These are the major things that I myself exercise in my daily life and I think you can do too. Love your body, find your rhythm and be consistent. Remember, Consistency works better than motivation which not lasting.

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tyler johnson
1 year ago

That’s a good idea to have the proper clothes. I feel like that would make me feel more motivated to run as well. I’ll have to consider getting some motivational running clothes if I decide to get serious about running.

Somveer Rawal
Somveer Rawal
7 months ago
Reply to  tyler johnson


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