How to generate good content in few easy steps

We all know, great content when we see it. But, do you struggle to make good content for your website or social media?
How do you provide or create the best content possible for your audience in few easy steps?
If you are looking for answers to these questions then the next few minutes you spend here will provide you with all the answers you need. Effective Content helps in creating an Audio-visual effect with the audience and helps in making a connection with them. So, having the most appropriate, informative, helpful, and fun content becomes a necessity for anyone who is using online platforms to reach out to people anywhere in the world. The online world is full of all different kinds of content and nobody wants to end up in the category of dull, boring, and irrelevant content. 


No matter what you do, be it creating content, marketing, business, or life in general. You should have a clear goal or a clear idea to succeed. The worst way of creating content is having no idea of why you’re creating it or what the idea is or where you’re trying to get with whatever you’re doing. Before you sit down to create or write any content you should be clear about what you’re trying to achieve with your piece of content. A key thing to keep in mind is what you want your audience to do, your readers, your listeners, your viewers, and what action do you want them to take as a result of consuming your content.


Before you sit down to create any content not only do you need to be clear about why you’re creating this content but you have to be really clear about ‘who’ you’re writing this content for. Otherwise, it’s not impactful and misses the mark. This means you really have to understand your audience’s DEMOGRAPHIC, GEOGRAPHIC & PSYCOGRAPHIC details. Demographic details consist of Name, gender, age, income, occupation. Geographic means which city, state, country, or province they live in. Psychographic details like their attitude, interests, beliefs, or the type of places or organizations they’re a part of. Really focus on exactly who it is that you’re trying to reach with your content. It is going to make all of your writing and creating content that much effective and relatable to your audience.


The key to any content is research. You know your audience and you know what you have to do but how to proceed after that? Researching about your topic before you start creating any type of content is necessary, you can’t move forward until and unless you are well versed and informed about the topic of your content. Researching gives you a direction to start creating. Do a google search and go through what your top competitors have said or written in their content. It will help you create something different and unique and will save you from falling into the category of copy-pasted content creators. Other than this, your friends and colleagues can also help you when you want to create content. Take up their ideas and try to include them in your content. 


Many advertisers and content creators fall in this trap of creativity that they forget to focus on the clarity of their content. They tend to prioritize this creative aspect which is free-flowing compelling and attractive but none of the creativity really matters if it doesn’t get results if you don’t put clarity first. A confused audience doesn’t act. If nobody understands what you’re doing and who you’re doing it for or how you are helping the audience. Then all the creativity isn’t going to help you. It is very much clear that the headline is the most important part of your content be it any advertisement, your blog, or any other form of content. Headline attracts the audience and 80% of people proceed further after going through the headline. That’s why many people these days went a step ahead in the field of creativity and started creating fake and hyped up and catchy headlines to attract the audience but it doesn’t really relate to the content. Which in turn will make your audience bounce and get out of your page or website. So always keep things clear and you can get creative later.


One of the best marketing contents out there is Marketing content that generates leads and improves sales. One of these forms of content marketing is called infotainment. The name simply means (Information+Entertainment). The concept behind this form of content marketing makes it an effective strategy for creating content. 

Let’s begin with ‘Information’. What we really need to with our content is to educate our audience and give the information that they need. It’s about teaching them something that we have expertise and knowledge in which in turn will help them. It subconsciously creates your image as a teacher in the market once you start helping and educating them with your knowledge or expertise. Now comes ‘Entertainment’. Nobody got time for boring content as there is enough boring content out there. The key is to make interesting content which will make your audience stick to their screens. You don’t have you go out there and create some Hollywood production around your content. You just have to make relevant and fun content also, if your audience is interested in your content they’re going to be entertained automatically and if they’re not interested in your content then all the entertainment in the world will be less.

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