How to create your content strategy?

Content Strategy is like the manual where you record all the aspects of your Content. It will include your target audience, type of platforms, type of content and time of posting. In simple words, Content Strategy is related to the what, whom and when of content Marketing.

I have talked about how you can create your content in my previous blog. You can read it here. In this writeup, I am going to talk about your ‘Content Strategy’. To reiterate, Content Strategy is a plan of action that you need before you generate any content and it includes anything related to your content.

To Whom?

Your content strategy’s base will be your ‘Target Audience’. Every strategy you make will revolve around the type of audience you are targeting. Here conducting ‘User personas’ will come in handy and make you understand your audience better. 
Ask yourself these simple questions: What is the age bracket of my customers? Are my customers married or single? Males or females? Young, Mid-aged or old? What is their location? What language do they majorly speak? 
Start picturing your clients, put them into segments to reach them in huge numbers. For example, A simple search on the internet will tell you, young children spend the most time on Youtube followed by Instagram. So it is logical to build a presence on these platforms to reach potential customers.


After you’re done with researching on the type of audience you have to target, you are required to make a weekly or monthly planner about when you need to create or provide your content to the public. This planner will keep you aligned with your goals and organised in a better way.

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Once you are done with these two steps then you need to start developing your content which will simply be based on the interest of your audience. If you have a larger number of kids that follow your content then you’ll want to focus more on making it fun and easy to understand and relate to. Your language will be less complex, you can make fun videos, ask questions, create activities like puzzles, games and gifs. 
Similarly, if your audience falls in the different age category then you are required to frame content according to them. Your content’s language should be simple and understandable no matter what type of people you’re targeting. If people can understand your content then they are most likely to stick your content in future as well. Then comes the power of promoting, your content will be a waste if you don’t promote it on the right platform. Use of social media becomes a necessary part of content creation and strategy.  

Now the question arises, ‘How do I make strategy & content for different platforms?’ Different platforms are used by different people with different occupations, interests, age group and goals. So, you cannot go ahead with the same strategy for every platform you are using for your content. That is why having knowledge about your audience is the base for every content creator and strategist out there. 
Suppose, your main audience is on LinkedIn. You’ll then require a much professional approach to your content. You cannot create anything that doesn’t relate or align with your platform. This will result in poor reach and engagement of the target audience. 

With creating your strategy you will surely engage more customers. Comment your results.

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