How to create your brand kit: colours, logos, creatives

A brand kit concerns your brand’s visual identity. It includes your logos, covers, icons and a pre-set templates of all your creatives. A brand kit is a quick guide to all your creatives, brand colours, fonts and helps in keeping a consistent design.

A proper Brand kit assigns a unique identity to your brand, making it easily recognizable and different. A visible and consistent brand identity can help a business be more successful, which is why creating an effective brand identity is imperative.

Have you ever noticed how companies like Mcdonald’s or Decathlon use specifically two colours for all their brand visuals and communications? In the case of McD, it’s yellow and red & Blue and white in case of Decathlon? If you look closely you will find that even the font type also remains the same across all their online platforms. In case of Mcdonalds its Colfax black.
Why do brands remain consistent with their colours?
A simple search will tell you that the yellow is associated with happiness and is the most visible colour in daylight, so that’s why a McDonald’s logo is so easy to spot on a crowded road.

Now, let’s go step by step to understand all the facets of a brand kit :

Colour strategy :

Choose your brand colours carefully. They should define the meaning and values of your brand. Develop a set of colours that can be recognizable with your brand. You don’t need to add many colours. Facebook, for example, uses just one colour for its whole business. The colour code #3b5998 which is a shade of blue. Decathlon’s Colour-code is #0082c3, which is also a shade of blue.
Using minimum colours helps your brand to be recognizable. Your customers will start to associate the colours with your brand. The colours used by Mcdonald’s are e62b1e and ffcc00. A shade of red and yellow respectively.
Also, fixate a font style that will you will use in your creatives and logo.

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Logo and Icon :

Starting on your logo can be sometimes tough considering which type of logo do you want. If it is a small business we suggest you create a simple 2D logo on your own. There are several free websites available like ‘Canva’. Since you have already decided on your business colours and the typography, now is the time to understand the purpose of the business. When you know the business you can strongly reflect the business’s purpose through your logo. For example, if its a sports goods business it is only logical to include an element of this in it. It is imperative that your customers see your logo and are able to know about the business through it. That way you don’t have to spend humongous amounts on Brand promotions.

Remember you need to talk about your business without the use of words. Make sure you leave space around your logo so it creates maximum visual impact. While you are at it also decide a strong tagline. It should be short and impactful. Make sure it defines what is special about your business which makes it different from its competitors.
For reference check our fictitious Ice cream parlour Ice Age’s logo below.

How to create your brand kit: logos, colours, creatives
The logo clearly shows what the business is about. And the tagline speaks about what’s different about us.

An Icon or a favicon or site icon or a shortcut icon or a URL icon is a small thumbnail which shows on the top of any webpage before the site tag. See the small Blue P on the top of our site address. Yes, that’s the one. A Favicon is needed in the case of websites only. vIf you don’t have it, then don’t bother creating it.
It can be uploaded easily to your website by the way of site customisation on your homepage. The browsers make sure it is shown in the bookmarks and address bar. Find below Ice Age’s Favicon for your reference.

How to create your brand kit: logos, colours, creatives
Again, its simple and reflects the Business.

You can always scale up and use professional services if you want something more than a minimalistic logo.
Get a quote here if you want us to work on it for you.

Creative Visualization for Social Media platforms :

Every creative contributes to the perception of your brand. Be it a video, a post or a poster. It’s always good to set templates for it. It helps to create consistency and appeals to your audience in a better way.
For Images, you can start by setting a size guide or theme. Like historical, natural, sporty etc.
For posts, you can create a definite template. Specify where to use which background colour, where to use illustrations. You can also specify the use of hashtags. For Videos make sure to specify lengths, tones, type of background music and the sounds at the end of it. Ever noticed that sound at the end of every Brittania advertisement? Ting Ting Tiding.

Basically the idea is to create a definite visual identity which is consistent. All types of visualisation forms part of consumer touchpoints. If these touchpoints are inconsistent they dilute the importance of your message over time. A brand Kit ensures consistency in the Brand Identity. It ensures people see and hear the same things about your brand wherever they cross paths.
Check an example template of a post on our Instagram for your consideration.

Lockdown extension
Notice how we have used our Brand colour Yellow?

Using these same guidelines you can create your Business cards, stationery, flyers, brochures, product descriptions, blog posts etc.
A consistent use of Branding Kit can help you make your brand distinguishable and recognizable. Comment your questions and we will get back to you.

Premier Outlook is a team of Freelance Digital Marketing Specialists. We have experience in the Automation of many small Businesses. Let us put your product and business under the spotlight it needs.
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