Healthy habits to help reduce weight

Everyone wants to look their best. For that some want to gain weight and some want to reduce it. In this article we’ll see some healthy habits which will assist in reducing weight.

Our body is made up of what we consume. Be it books or food. What we read, think, eat or drink is reflected in our self. This is why healthy habits are really important in our day to day lives. While Positive habits upgrade us, unhealthy habits degrade us. Obese and underweight bodies are prone to a plethora of diseases. This makes knowing our BMI very important.

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Nobody can deny the importance of exercising. But there are many things that go with it to help stay in the best shape. Let’s see what are those.

1.Starting of the day :

Start your day in the early hours. Wake up and stretch your body. Have lukewarm water. Best if had with lemon and honey. Ginger could be used in winters. Exercise and keep track of it. Try to better it everyday.

2. Having a good night’s sleep :

Sleeping for at least 6 hours in continuation is the key to a settled mind and well-rested body. In this age of technology, we sometimes are so indulged in chatting/browsing that we don’t sleep till 2’0 clock. This is a big problem considering how important sleep is for mammals. Health experts prescribe 8 hours of sleep everyday with 6 hours in continuation.

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3. Consumption of water :

When people asked Shilpa Shetty how is she so healthy, she said, she consumes at least 16 glasses of water everyday. Water constitutes a good amount of our body. Thus, it is important we stay hydrated. Drinking lukewarm water is the best option. Keep a water bottle with oneself helps.

4. Staying on feet :

Sitting is our worst enemy. Try to stay on your feet as much as possible. Walk if not run. Reduce lying down.

5. Mindful eating :

Eating with phone in our hands is the new fashion. Dining tables are set in front of TVs which greatly influenced our eating habits. We tend to eat more and chew less. Be where you are. When eating focus on eating. It is a time proven way to check our weight.

6. Number of meals :

You should have at least 5 meals a day. Divide your earlier 3 meals in 5 meals. Breakfast around 7 am, Snacks at 10.30 am, Lunch at 1 pm, Snacks at 4.30 pm and dinner at & pm. Early dinners are very healthy.

7. What to do after dinner :

There is a saying : ‘After lunch sleep a while and after dinner walk a mile’. This is actually proven to aid in digestion. Sleep after lunch rejuvenate us after a hectic day and prepares us for a nice game in the evening. Vajrasana is a effective Asana after the meal and aids in proper digestion.

Hope these will help you in the best way possible.
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