Hassan Minhaj and the patriot act.

The Indian Elections by Hassan Minhaj is one of the trendiest things going over the internet. The 30 minute Act is more than just a comic act. It talks about the current political scenarios in India. The narratives, ideologies and the public images of the political parties in India have been shown without any biases. Such accuracy makes it watchable not only for the millennial stand-up lovers but for everyone who wants to see the unbiased presentation of the political parties in the most funny and light manner.


Before the Act begins, there is a pre video which clearly shows how talking about politics has become intolerable for the supporters of any political party. There are short clips of elderly people sitting around Hassan firmly advising that talking about Indian politics may get him in trouble. He may be labelled as a ‘Pakistani Spy’ or may be burned to death. This small act shows how a fear psychosis has been developed amongst the people and how the people fear to voice their opinion on something that decides the fate them and their country.

Dig at the Indian media.

Hassan in the act took the dig on the Indian media and the live streamed debates. In the short jibe showed that debates on television have become a game of insulting remarks and they are nothing but source of entertainment.

Nature of Political Parties

His prod on the Indian political scenario completely explained the nature of the two leading national political parties. It showed how the two most popular figures are distorted mirror images of each other and also reflected it with the similar nature of the campaign.
He clearly speaks about how the prime minister has been vocal about the fact that the current ruling party comes from an extremist Hindu paramilitary organisation which has been banned several times in the past.

The killing of the mahatma Gandhi by a Hindu nationalist depicts that how extremism in the country has brought deaths in the country.
One of the most violent phenomenon known as cow lynching has taken a rise during the Modi era and the idea of promoting Hinduism by the chief minister Yogi Adityanath and how he has been changing the names of places in order to revive the Hindu culture.

The criminal nature of Political figures in India

In the Hasan minaj’s act he also showed an Interview with Congress Member Shashi Tharoor. Though he invited panellist from both the national party, the Bharatiya Janta Party stuck to its nature of avoiding any challenging interviews while the congress agreed. He spoke about how Tharoor, like most of the other politicians in India had a criminal proceeding going on.

While the whole act was comical and satirical there was a lot more to it. Everything was backed by international reports that were being constantly shown at the back screen along with the footage of the media houses like BBC. So, it is hard to say that the act was opinionated or biased.
This also indicates how in Indian government and India as a nation is being presented on the world stage and are losing the image of secular country with cultural diversity.


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