A gruesome cowardly act of terrorism in form of proxy was carried out by Jaish-e-Mohd outfit in Pulwama yesterday. A massive IED blast was done by a fidayeen on CRPF.

Pulwama or Pulgam is a town, in the district of Pulwama ( Jammu Kashmir).

It comes in the larger interest of law and order, supervision, more effective control and to ensure balance development of the area. On 14 February, 44 security personnel were killed in this attack in Pulwama (Jammu and Kashmir) Where, CRPF personnel were maryted, it is one of the most gruesome and cowardly attack after Pathankot attack and Uri attack.

This attack as understood, was a well planned and executed one. According to Rising Kashmir report , jaish-e-Mohammad has claimed  the responsibility of the attack.

The suicide bomber (Adil Ahmad Dar) was reported to be member of jaish-e-mohammad, who joined the organization last year, he is from teshil called kakapora in Pulwama district Jammu and Kashmir. He thrust the explosive(300 kg) laden vehicle into a CRPF convoy in Kashmir’s Pulwama district. There was a 70 vehicle convoy driving on Srinagar and Jammu highway, goripora area, the explosion was followed with a gun attack .

US has asked Pakistan to end the support and safe haven to terror groups which are operated in Pakistan’s soil .

This terrorist attack is also condemned by our neighboring countries like Nepal, Sri Lanka etc and showed full support to India.

Latest update, PM MODI has called a meeting on security. They may be discussing possible ways of giving a befitting reply. CRPF personnels have vowed to give a befitting reply.

The government has announced to scrap the ‘Most favoured nation’ status from Pakistan. A most favored nation (MFN) clause requires a country to provide any concessions, privileges, or immunities granted in a trade agreement to one nation to all other World Trade Organization member countries. Although its name implies favoritism toward another nation, it denotes the equal treatment of all countries.

We at Premier Outlook stand with our soldiers and theirfamilies.

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  1. A CRPF convoy carrying about 2500 jawans was on its way by road on Jammu- Srinagar highway on 14 February 2019 when at about 3.15 PM , one of its bus was hit by a suicide attack through an IED blast said to have been triggered from a four wheeler vehicle driven in between two CRPF buses in Awantipura , Pulwama District of J&K. The gruesome ferocious scene at the site of the blast makes one to shudder. About 44 precious brave soldiers were martyred while many were injured. Our brave security forces are on the task to search the area to finish the coward- attackers. The killings have put the nation into gloom. Pray for peace to the departed souls while also pray for spiritual strength to the family members left behind by them. It goes without saying that nation is with them.
    Relevant to this happening , a reference is invited to this Vedic astrology writer’s alert for more care and appropriate strategy through article – “ The Year 2019 Astrologically for India” – published as early as last year on 7 October , 2018 at theindiapost. The alert in the article reads like this in the article :-
    “ February – March 2019. These nearly two months appear to be calling for more care and appropriate strategy in relation to more than one front……………It may be alright to be alert while dealing with or storing or handling fire , gas , chemicals , venom , explosives , hydropower or energy sources. Similar alertness may be exercised while driving on road……Some major accident on road or landslide cannot be ruled out. Human malice may be at its height in operation. …………………States in the northern India like …..J&K…….could take cues for more care and appropriate strategy in the aforesaid areas of life”. Later and separately in November 2018 , while repeating the alert on countless times at number of places through comments , through social media , through communications to newspapers by email , the prediction was made more precise and closer by adding that such more care and appropriate strategy may be called for during February -March 2019 on 14 February , 22 February and 3 March or around a day prior or after. So the alert was complete and beyond doubt for reading between the lines. The latest emails communicating aforesaid with dates to some newspapers were sent on 6 February 2019 and 13 -14 February 2019.

  2. Report has appeared in some newspapers to say that US President Donald Trump has declared National Emergency to divert funds for constructing wall along the US -Mexico border. Earlier there was partial shutdown of the Govt but such shutdown was over in expectation of resolving the issue of funds demanded from the Congress. Obviously , these circumstances in the US look to be suggestive of worries in domestic politics. In this context , it is apt to bring out here this Vedic astrology writer’s predictive alerts of 1 October 2018 through article – “ Astrological Probable Alerts for the US in 2019” – published on 1 November 2018 in monthly Webzine of Wisdom Magazine at The text implied to the circumstances leading to declaration of national emergency reads like this in the article :-
    “ Predictive Conclusions.
    1. January -February. Some worrisome concerns , which can relate to domestic politics in the US , may surface”.

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