Great things have small beginnings.

Technology has driven us closer to the world, to our families and friends digitally. However our good morning texts or comments on one particular subject sometimes seem to annoy people more than it makes them happy. We have come to a standpoint where we want to outdo every status posted by others. The digital war is not unknown to every being using Facebook. Our relationships now end in few WhatsApp ” hmm..” texts.

Everybody desires of a better life, comfortable living and affordable facilities at their feet. Some push hard for them and some contemplate how their struggle for each day is a difficult exercise and some give up completely. Indian population tops in the suicide rate among other nations according to National Crime Records Bureau.

However beyond technology and the world of depression , there is another world which we seem to know of but often ignore given our speeding smart lives. There is a world in which people find happiness in small things that they are capable of doing.

And then there are some who walk alone in wanderlust!

And some just let it all go off to the heavens.

We all know it is difficult to reach to the place where we all want to settle. The path demands from us various types of compromises, most often with the things which we love the most. Often the journey results into an impasse and we decide to quit.

But lets be very sure of few things at least, in doing great things we want to do, we have to appreciate small things which we already have at our expense. Nature has given us in abundant, even the metro city like Delhi with its high amounts of particulate matter experiences sunrise and sunset everyday. Thus, the deadlock which happens to choke us on a daily basis could be tackled with a deep breath, taking a break for sometime and obviously letting go things that trouble our mind. I am reminded of the Pablo Naruda’s, “Keeping Quiet”.

Our lives are very different from each other but we all share one common aspiration, which is that of the feeling of contentment, and the smart lives may not be very helpful in realizing that. However, starting again from the place where it all began might.

Nature has healing powers!

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