Which species won the evolution race?

The histories biggest myth is making us believe that we are at the top of Evolution table. We are not even in top 10. The winner of the Race is ‘Triticum aestivum‘ or Common Wheat.

Humans of Homo sapiens species may have well out grown Humans of others species (Homo erectus, Homo neanderthalensis or Homo habilis) but we are well below in the evolution table. For millions of years the ‘Homo’ genus fed themselves on Plants, figs, animals, insects. This type of food kept growing without their intervention. They kept moving in the search of food.
This all changed about ten thousand years ago with Introduction Plant and animal rearing. Now Humans started devoting all their time to taking care of certain edible Plants and Animals.

ancient foragers
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Scholars believe this transition began From turkey where the people started growing Wheat and reared Goats. This spread to other parts of the world, some believe independently some believe otherwise. This Agricultural revolution left the farmers with no leisure time. Average farmer worked than his ancestor but got a worse diet in return. The revolution certainly enlarged the total food production but it didn’t mean better health or empty time for farmers. The abundance transformed some farmers into elites. If one crop was ruined, it meant starvation for the farmer which was not the case with his ancestors.

farmer with wheat
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Who is responsible? certainly, ‘Triticum aestivum‘ or Common Wheat. We didn’t domesticate Wheat, it domesticated us. To understand this we need to first understand what is evolution?
Evolution is change in the heritable characteristics of biological populations over successive generations. keeping in mind basic evolution, Wheat has become the most successful species in the world. Ten thousand years it was growing in the wild, fighting the forces of the nature alone. According to Wheat.Org , Wheat is grown yearly on 215 million hectares — an area equivalent to that of Greenland. Making it more widely grown than any other staple food crop. Nearly US $50 billion-worth of wheat is traded globally each year.

wheat agricultural women
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How did it come to this?
Triticum aestivum did it by manipulating Humans to its advantage. It didn’t like rocks and pebbles so humans broke their backs clearing fields. It didn’t thrive in competition so Humans invested whole day weeding out other plants. Humans saved it from other animals by building fences. To quench it’s thirst for water humans build water canals, wells. To further grow humans touched animal faeces to nourish it.

sad farmer agricultural revolution
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Human Bodies paid the price. It was not evolved for this. It was evolved to chase animals, climb fruit trees. Pain in Joints of knees, backs and hernia were the reward. Moreover, The foragers had to become settlers as they required lot of time to take care of. This changed the mankind forever.

Well, now you know.

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Sapiens: A Brief History of Humankind
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