How important is Balance between Dining out and Eating in?

How important is Balance between Dining out and Eating in?

In our Culture, Maa Ke haath ke khana is the best food there can be. But everyone is not so lucky to have their mothers cooking for them. Many Outstation students, working people have little choices. Even going home for lunch from workplace looks like a distant dream due to Traffic congestion these days even in the Tier 2 cities.

For Bachelor workers or students even, this option is not available. Eating out seems the only option in these cases.
In some cases, both the spouses are working. Here eating out becomes more frequent then necessary.

There is no doubt that eating out is not always frugal or Healthy considering the Unhealthy practices of some eateries or use of excessive spices and oil. People end up paying more for healthy food and probably hospital bills too. I myself with limited with financial resources have adopted a way of breaking the monotony and eating out and in a healthy way.Having a full breakfast at home before 9 am and going out for lunch at around 2 pm. Having a light Dinner at home with soup or salad after a heavy Lunch keeps the cellulite at bay.

I deliberate before hand meal options at different restaurants and look for places with a wide range of menu items. Check online menus, if available, for nutrition information ahead of time.
Balancing your meal by including healthier selections from all the different food groups such as lean protein foods, low-fat dairy, fruits, vegetables and whole grains is the key.


Many restaurants serve huge portions, sometimes enough for two people. Eat a smaller portion and bringing leftovers home for another meal can be a good practice. Restaurants may be intimidating to people trying to stick to a healthy eating plan, but with preparation and confidence, you can enjoy your restaurant meal without abandoning healthy eating.

Eating out also has its good points as we get to enjoy the atmosphere outside while we have our meals, the cook usually the female is given time off from the kitchen.

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3 years ago

good write up , dealing with it !


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