Dilemma : Arts, Commerce or Science in 11th class?

One of the most asked question during 10th class is what stream are you taking in 11th class? Most of the students are puzzled, looking at what his or her friend is taking or one constant name that is overused by most of the parents PCM or PCB (physics, chemistry, bio or mathematics). If not this then take commerce. This question of ‘what’ never helps us to think critically of our aptitude, interests. The subject which we enjoy learning, reading and understanding and at the same time the fields which we, as a student in future would like to explore.

Unfortunately, our education system from the very beginning has categorized or boxed our thinking process in one way. Even if science students like history they don’t have an option, whereas in humanities or arts, there are few schools which provide options like mathematics, statistics for humanities students.

From the formative years, our thought process are boxed which hampers the skill of critical thinking. It makes it challenging to clear various competitive exam in the future, where the syllabus is amalgamation of all the subjects.

Humanities are academic disciplines which study human society and culture. The method that are primarily used are critical thinking and reasoning as well.

If you are a humanities student in India, following are the things that you’ll hear :

1. He or she is not interested in studies

In our society the game of superior or inferior starts from the very beginning. The streams like science, commerce are at high pedestal. Making humanities for disinterested student. This is ingrained culturally like every other stereotype (girls are weaker in mathematics than boys). Some how takes its courses in present scenario.

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2.There is hardly anything to study

It would not be wrong if we say Indian society believes in taboos, superstition. Like wise, there is no proper reasoning to categorize one stream superior to other makes it fall prey to hardly anything to study. This could be understood if our society would have given significance in understanding human culture and it’s related aspects, there would have no discrimination based on caste, ethnicity, gender, place of  birth, religion in this century.

3. He or she is weak in studies

Culturally we are molded to judge other on the basis of what they are wearing, how they look from outside, what is their skin color, their body appearance etc. Likewise the same thought culminates in judging on the basis of the streams one has opted.

4. They believe in rote- memorizing

This aspect has nothing to do with the humanities subject in general, this goes back to how our education system. How this subject is taught in most of the schools in India and it’s not limited to humanities but also other streams as well. To rate on the basis of  marks especially during boards restricts student to write same as its given in NCERT. It’s a big failure of education system not of a humanities subject in general.

Encouragement must be given,

how we,

want to think,

on the basis of our understanding ,

Not ,

what to think ,

on the other’s basis.

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1 year ago

अद्भुत अतुलनीय प्रयास लेखिका जी

manisha deopa
manisha deopa
1 year ago

thank you rahul sir


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