Difference between Right Wing and Left Wing

We come across these words everyday, especially people who follow the news religiously. So, what is Right wing or Left wing? and by extension Centrists? In this post we’ll find out.

The Basic difference of these ‘Wings’ is of Ideology. Right Wingers generally tend to be more conservative. They believe in keeping things as they were, stagnant. Maintaining the status quo. They like Homeostasis if you may.
On the other hand, Left Wingers are bringers of change. They challenge the status quo. They like creative ideas and shun the orthodox approach.
Meanwhile. Centrists like the best of everything. They believe in keeping the best approaches doesn’t matter if it is left leaning or falls in right agenda.

Origins of the terms :

The political terms left wing and right wing originated in the 18th century during the French Revolution. They were based on the seating arrangements in the French National Assembly (Assemblée nationale).
The members who sat on the left of the chair of the parliamentary president supported the revolution and a secular republic, and opposed the monarchy of the old regime. The people on the left were in favor of radical change, socialism and a strong French republic instead of the monarchy (Power to the people).

The members who sat on the right were the supporters of Monarchy. Stronger your opposition to unorthodox approach and desire to preserve traditional society, the more you were to the right. Tradition, institutional religion and privatization of economy were considered the core values of the right-wing.

difference between left wing and right wing

Indian Context

In India, There are two major political parties. Congress and the BJP. Congress is generally considered Centrist in it’s views and secular in the approach. Whereas the Bhartiya Janta Party is known to be conservative. They are a right wing party.
But in India no party follows the Ideology as a whole and carry a mixed bag. The BJP has passed the Triple Talaq (prohibition) Act whereas the Congress with The Muslim Women (Protection of Rights on Divorce) Act 1986 diluted the rights of Women to ask for maintenance upon a divorce.

Ideologies of Left Wing : Social Democracy; Federalism; Socialism, Communism; Collectivism; Marxism

Ideologies of Right Wing : Capitalism; Conservatism ,Integral humanism, National conservatism, Social conservatism, Economic nationalism.

Famous Apostles of Ideology of Left Wing: Karl Marx, Friedrich Engels, Noam Chomsky, Mahatma Gandhi.

Famous Apostles of Ideology of Right Wing : Margaret Thatcher, AB Vajpayee, Winston Churchill, Deen Dayal Updhayay.

‘The mainstream cannot call them wrong so they call them left’.

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