How will businesses revive post-COVID?

It’s no secret that businesses have been impacted post COVID19. We understand the intensity of the situation, yet we still are curious to know how businesses will make a comeback. Aren’t we?

Of course, the answer is yes. Most of us are the breadwinner of our families, saying it considering big-Indian families!  It only got difficult as soon as we started losing our savings without earning any money in return/back. But relax, breathe, and keep on reading because it’s only going to get better. Not just this article but even your business. Let us understand how!

COVID 19 wrath was only overwhelmingly disheartening for the world and not just you. So, congratulations, you are not alone in the pandemic! I know you know this but understand COVID paused the world of economy. Worrying so much will only bring trouble but recognizing opportunities in these times is where the success lies.

You must have noticed businesses gaining tremendous success by selling masks, hand sanitizers, sanitizing machines, and so many other COVID 19/sanitization products. On the other hand, businesses with similar products stood nowhere in the competition. Ask yourself why, because tapping the right opportunity is not enough. What you need more? You need the right timing.

The Right timing?

Your product could be wonderful, useful, amazing and everything else but if the market is not ready for it. It probably won’t last. 

In the year 2013, Facebook launched a family of apps Facebook Home. It converted the home screen of the smartphone into a Facebook news feed. It was a user interface layer for Android smartphones. No matter how huge this sounds to you thinking of 2013, it was a massive fail. People referred to it as dud!

This tells us why the right product or right timing is important. 

While we are still on the topic of what’s right for any business, let us discuss the right name associated with the product. 

In the year 1982, Colgate had its share of the failures. Colgate kitchen entrees were introduced for pre-prepared frozen meals in America. But consumers naturally associated it as a toothpaste brand. It was obvious to have zero appetites for frozen meals bearing Colgate’s name.

Hence, the name even dominates the success sometimes depending on the product.

Once done with the offline approach focus on online. Having a business without anyone knowing its existence online is almost no business at all in today’s social media era.

Role of Digital Marketing post COVID

Digital marketing has proved itself as one of the most cost-effective ways for real-time advertising and meeting the interested audience in your product/service. Social media is the pool of customers now, running strategic ad campaigns are important. Unplanned or random campaigns would not give you the desired results and is a waste of money.

Continuous email marketing can increase the conversion rate by 50%. Focus on the quality of your content and thereafter focus on the target audience.

Analytics is the best report card to have for judging the online content and ad campaigns. It can be your best tool if know how to use it accurately. Invest your time, efforts, and money in SEO (Search engine optimization) and SEM (Search Engine Marketing) because it will hit the right customers with the right piece of content. Understand the Google algorithm for ranking of the pages. The best page is not just with good SEO AND SEM but also with good quality of the content. The quality content and good SEO techniques are the keys. Also, update your existing content regularly for better reach and ranking.

There are multiple options for doing digital marketing some of them are content marketing, social media marketing, display advertising, email marketing, search marketing, and many more.

Digital marketing is an everyday job and asks for constant attention.


Create a platform for your visitors keeping in mind to convert them into your customers. Make a website giving them consistently useful content, a page where they want to know what’s new. Increase your pace in these changing times to find a well-defined place in the society. Digital marketing is not a choice it’s a necessity.

This post was contributed by Akanksha Ahuja under our Guest contributors program. Find more about her here.
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Mansi Kalra
Mansi Kalra
9 months ago

This is so useful. Very wellll. You go girlll?❤️

Muskan Abbi
9 months ago

Very informative and relatable. ?

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