Books: Golden Road to Finding self.

“That’s the thing about books ,they let you travel without moving your feet “

Library, is a place people usually think is boring and not enjoyable activity. As a child i was always intrigued by the way i could just lose my identity, sorrows ,complains and just be one with stories in the books. Sometimes i even forgot that there are other people in library, that was the moment i realized that books are magic. The world they let you create is even much more beautiful, not just that  they are the cheapest and shortest way to travel to other places , some other lives, and even become an essential part of it altogether. Then i realized that the dialogue in “Ajab prem ki ghazab kahani” was absolutely right that books have no complains and no demands, they just accept you the way you are unlike other people in particular and society in general.
Whenever i feel lonely these bundle of joy remind me that common buddy we are here, who are you waiting for anyways,let’s delve ourselves into the ocean of new world and stories, engage in perspectives. Most importantly the joy of reading books can’t be described in words. Its something special that one understands only by real experience so what are you guys waiting for, go grab a book which proves to be your life changer or allows you to find a new part of yourselves.
With this i would also like to share an incident very personal to me but i hope it creates a deep desire to read at least one book. The story goes like this i was a kid who was always befriended by others for their benefit or notes and me being naive thought they are my friends and started giving them more importance like any other teenager. To my surprise their demands from me was never ending and failure would fetch me tags like arrogant and selfish. I decided to maintain a healthy distance and delve in books of course but while i was studying in school library i came across a book called “The power lies within you” by louise Hay and yes it was life changer for me altogether. I became a book addict since then as i found they are not only  storehouse of knowledge but a bundle of magic which is golden road to self discovery.


For those who want to start:

Eat Pray Love: One Woman’s Search for Everything, The Alchemist , Many Lives, Many Masters: The True Story can be the best to begin with.

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