Best Job portals: Ranked

If you have spent a good time looking for jobs in the market or are a fresher who is looking for new jobs, this article is for you. Looking for jobs, especially in this horrible pandemic can be hassle. In here I have assembled the best job portals out there and their usability as per the requirements. Also, keep in mind that the best way to apply for a job is to directly apply at the job portals of the respective company. For example, the prerequisites of hiring a teammate at Decathlon Sports India will be best enumerated at their portal .

Now coming to the point, let’s see which job portal will help you land your dream in the least possible time. The best is kept for the last. Read-Along.

Naukri (

Founded by Indian businessman Sanjeev Bikhchandani in 1997, Naukri is an employment website operating in India and Middle East. Naukri’s parent company is Info Edge ltd.’s ‘fast forward’ is a good tool for job seekers where they can submit their CV to get it assessed in just 30 seconds. And even make their CV standout by becoming a featured applicant.

I submitted my resume to get it assessed. I scored just 28%. Below is the feedback that I received.
Summary of your resume (Result after assessment by Naukri)

  • Font style and line spacing across your resume are not consistent.
  • Your resume does not have the relevant action verbs to demonstrate professional impact.
  • You may need to quantify your achievements a bit more to add credibility.

You could also use their resume writing services and education portal.

Monster Jobs (

Monster is a 20-year-old job search portal. Its India subsidiary is headquartered in Hyderabad since 2001. With a user-friendly website and varied resources available at a job seeker’s and employer’s hand, monster is one of the top Employment platforms. Monster also provides Career tips for job seekers and Resume services. They even have a separate tab for browsing work from home jobs. But with my experience with Monster for the last 3 years, I have felt that there are not many employers who are readily hiring from Monster. You may find few hiring agencies or typical sales jobs on there, but nothing worthwhile. I would suggest don’t spend much time on, just make a good profile, add your resume and let it be.

Updazz (

Although there is not much information about it, but Updazz is a great job search platform to find Sales & Marketing jobs. Previously Updazz was owned by Highorbit Careers Pvt Ltd, which is the parent company of
Info Edge India, the parent company of leading Indian recruitment site, acquired Highorbit Careers Pvt. Ltd a while ago. And with it came the Sales and Marketing job search site, Updazz.

However, Updazz has retained its own identity even after the acquisition. Updazz is a great platform to look for premium jobs in the Sales and Marketing niche. Through, a Jobseeker can seamlessly browse, save and apply for sales & marketing jobs. It Personalizes the Jobfeed and helps get the latest Jobs relevant to the candidate.  

Linkedin (

Launched in May 2003, LinkedIn is an American formal business and an employment-oriented online company that operates via websites and mobile apps. Contrary to popular belief, LinkedIn is not the ideal place to look for jobs per se. It is more of a platform to make professional relationships with people from the business world. Ideally, it is not advised to always befriend your professional peers on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, etc. This where Linkedin comes in. A complete LinkedIn profile summarizes your professional experience to your connections, current and future employers, and recruiters. Through your profile, you can showcase your professional life, milestones, skills, and interests. You can use it to connect with your colleagues and prospective employers.

Linkedin learning is another subsidiary of Linkedin which helps in the personal development of Job Seekers. It offers video courses taught by industry experts in software, creative, and business skills

PS Don’t fall for the ‘comment interested and I will view your profile’ gimmick. It is just a shady marketing technique used to increase reach. Nobody has or ever will be hired by commenting on a post. Build connections and keep working on yourself.

Instahyre is an advanced hiring platform based out of India. The platform leverages on artificial intelligence, enabling recruiters to hire top talent effortlessly. Just a make profile on Instahyre, and it will suggest you jobs based on your capabilities and the prerequisites by the recruiter. Instead of having to waste hours on applying filters to search for the right candidates and then checking if they are interested, Instahyre provides the recruiter with a curated list of candidates ready for hire from our premium database. In my experience I have found Instahyre to be a great platform for Job hunt. Generally all the recruiters are active on the platform and the candidate ends up receiving a call within 2 days. Even Placement agencies like Wenger & Wenger are actively looking for candidates here.

All the best in your Job Hunt, comment if you have any questions.

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