A fourth Dragon in Game of thrones? Here’s proof!

There has been a speculation of a 4th dragon in episode 5 of the game of thrones.

After viserion died fighting for the night king in episode 3 there were only 2 dragons left in the game. Both Drogon and Rhaegal were with Queen Dany. But they are ambushed by Euron’s fleet at Dragonstone. Euron manages to kill Rhaegal while a angry Khaleesi flies away.

But just as we thought only Drogon is left by Queen Daenrys side there is a speculation that there is a fourth dragon in the seven Kingdoms. If you see the first few seconds of the Episode 5’s teaser in slow motion you can see slight wing like structure flapping in the oblivion. And there are two of the figures. So is it showing that there might be a third dragon?

Look at the one dot in the sky. Watch the preview again in Slow motion

Or are there more?
Some theories say that Drogon might have laid eggs in Valyria in season 5. Some suggest that maybe it’s the same dragon from dragonstone which Tyrion and Varys saw. Drogon sort of disappeared for a while back when Daenerys was still in Essos. We don’t really know what Drogon was up to during that time.

All we now have to do is wait and watch.

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